Biergarten 101

food & drink

  • A $5 mug deposit is required on alcohol purchases - refunded when mug is  returned.

  • Food from outside the Biergarten is welcome and encouraged- Perfect setting for a picnic!

  • All patrons under 21 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

  • bringing in outside alcohol is strictly prohibited by City Ordinance. Any outside alcohol found will be confiscated without compensation.  Violators may be asked to leave the Biergarten. 

  • NO alcohol allowed outside the Biergarten. 

  • Glassware provided by the Biergarten is the property of the Biergarten and must be returned after usage.

  • All open seating at the Biergarten is shared.

  • There are no reservations for tables or space within the Biergarten. first come first serve!

  • Unoccupied tables cannot be reserved with tablecloths or other items.

  • Please throw away all trash and recyclables from tables before leaving.

  • Last call for alcohol is 9:00pm.

  • All patrons must leave the biergarten by 9:45PM.

  • Kiwanis park closes at 10:00pm.

the grounds

  • Grills are not allowed in Kiwanis Park.  

  • Smoking is prohibited within 100 Feet of the Biergarten or any other park buildings.

  • River access is limited to the kayak-launch location in Kiwanis Park north of the Biergarten.

  • Street parking only- No parking on the grass.

  • Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.

" Ordnung muss sein" 
(There must be order)
Paul von Hindenburg 
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